Mystic Flow- Chakra Sefirot Practice


Thousands of years ago, when little was yet known of the science of the body, Kabalah had already revealed a unique understanding of the human anatomy. The soul consists of five levels, each of which affects the body in a certain way. These levels are comparable to yoga’s koshas, five levels of human existence, the channels of the soul that draw its energy into the body.

Kabalah teaches that the alignment of the energy centers, called the sefirot, opens the mind and body to flow gracefully with positive energy. They are also known as the Tree of Life and correspond to the Chakras as taught in Yoga.

This awesome DVD filmed at the Mediterranean sea , takes a closer look at the sefirot and teaches how these Kabalistic energy centers in the body relate to the Chakras and influence our lives.

The DVD includes, a discussion with Audi Gozlan about the Chakras-Sefirot connection, a talk about the flow and the power of each Hebrew letter as a yoga pose .You will also experience 17 flows for you to choose from as your daily practice of yoga , each connected to awakening your soul powers and energy centers , to awaken the inner Tree of Life and live your best life .




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