Kabalah Yoga-Awaken Your Soul DVD


Audi Gozlan’s years of extensive research have led to the new discipline he calls Kabalah Yoga, a modern fusion of the ancient secrets of Kabalah and the meditative art of yoga. A blending of the ancient mind with the modern body. Key to this system is the power of the Hebrew letters and the concept of posing in the shape of those letters, and thus drawing on primal powers that have existed since Creation.


Overview of Audi Gozlan’s system that merges vinyasa flow yoga and the recently revealed techniques of Kabalah.

Easy-to-use DVD allows everyone to understand and apply these transformative techniques.

Learn to flow your body into the ancient Hebrew letters.

Master the poses (asanas) that allow you to tap into the secret powers of the universe.

Kabalah Yoga talks to your body and your soul simultaneously.

Students of all forms of yoga can gain from the kabalistic wisdom of the Hebrew letter-shapes and postures.

Those new to yoga will find Kabalah Yoga an exciting introduction to the meditative art.




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