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abalah Yoga is the fruit of Audi Gozlan’s long-time dedication to both physical and spiritual advancement. This fusion of disciplines involves the practice of a mystical form of yoga, one based on ancient principles of the Hebrew faith. Called simply Kabalah Yoga, this new discipline is the art of translating the Hebrew language into the movements of yoga, embedding the mysticism of the mind into the certainties of the body.

One day by chance, while performing the Warrior II Pose with an instructor, Audi realized that the shape he was creating was roughly the same shape as the Hebrew letter alef. At that moment his understanding of yoga reached new levels, and his casual involvement began to grow into something much more gratifying. This epiphany regarding the inherent connections between Kabalah and yoga would change his life forever.

Now that he was looking for them, Audi began to see within yoga not only asanas (postures), but also the Hebrew characters formed by his body. The more he practiced the forms of yoga, the more he discovered the letters of his spiritual inspiration in his movements.

Long ago, the mystics of Kabalah revealed the hidden powers of the Hebrew letters as channels of light transmitted through shapes that could be formed with the body. For many years, Audi Gozlan has extensively researched the energy of these Hebrew letters and their mystical shapes. Only recently have these studies developed into the new discipline called Kabalah Yoga. This heightened meditative experience helps practitioners tap into their personal energies, fusing body movement with spiritual reflection and united by the teachings of Kabalah.

Kabalah Yoga will show you how to perform postures and meditate upon the Hebrew letters as they spell meaningful ideas or words that carry personal meaning and strength. In this way, practitioners can benefit directly from their own energy sources.

The more people learn about the letters and why each is shaped in its own special way, the more they will benefit from their yoga postures. Already, thousands of people practicing yoga daily unknowingly form the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with their bodies. The energy they sense is the force inherent in the letters. The strength of Kabalah Yoga lies in Audi's innate ability to explain these energies and what they can do for the body and soul.

Who should practice this yoga? Simply put, Kabalah Yoga is for people who are looking to bring together their spirituality and physicality and develop both simultaneously. It is intended for all levels of yoga. There are no prerequisites to study the letters of Kabalah or their postures. All you need is an open mind and a desire to become more spiritual in all that you do. Kabalah is a guide that shows you how to reach into your deep reservoir of energy and bring forth the best version of yourself. Your experiences contain a deeper meaning, the understanding of which can come to you if you open up your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your heart to feel.

Kabalah Yoga is the fruit of Audi Gozlan’s journey into the wisdom of the Hebrew letters. He is determined to teach it to as many people as he can, bringing it to those who are looking for peace, harmony, and a truth that combines mind, body, and soul.