Bio-o Audi-bio

ver the years, Audi Gozlan, LL.D. has learned to fill his life with rich and diverse experiences. He practices law but he is also well known for his writings and paintings. He is a fervent academic and has dedicated a stream of his life to the pursuit of spiritual and physical enlightenment. These days he’s most excited about two seemingly disparate ideas: the ancient Jewish mysticism of Kabalah and the wildly popular art of yoga. He believes people should be talking about both in the same breath. Kabalah Yoga: the fusion of the ancient mind with the modern body.

For Audi, yoga and Kabalah are a way of life. He has been meditating over twenty years. As far back as the early 1990s, while pursuing his law degree, he taught Kabalah wisdom and meditation. Audi is a certified yoga instructor and today teaches and leads Kabalah Yoga workshops around the world.

Kabalah is both a fountain of inspiration and a well of knowledge for Audi. The Hebrew letters at the center of the ancient mysticism are said to be full of deep and elusive meaning. They have become a focus of his drawing and painting--art forms he acknowledges have helped him internalize the letters’ creative abilities to heal.